More than 300,000 paellas cooked on firewood.

Rafa controlling fire El Paeller
Rafa cooks with fire burning

After more than 25 years of experience, Rafa ensures that all his paellas are twins, with the same colour, aroma, texture and magnificent flavour. His mastery of fire has led him to advise chefs such as Jose Andrés and Quique Dacosta on their wood-fired paella projects.

The eldest of the Margós family, the family that runs the world’s largest paellero, now launches El Paeller so that you can experience the Paella ritual in its maximum essence at home.

Cooked according to the authentic homemade tradition, he sautés and prepares the ingredients over firewood from orange trees. He interrupts the cooking process at the exact moment to seal in all of the paella’s nutritional properties and full flavor. When you cook this Paella made from all natural ingredients, it will be the same as the paellas prepared by this Master Paella Chef who has cooked more than 300,000 paellas over firewood in his more than 25 years of experience.

Rafa portrait with burning skin El Paeller
Rafa walking with paellas El Paeller

Authentically handmade,
Rafa starts cooking a paella that you finish at home.