A way of understanding cooking, a way of enjoying life.

The wood is the unseen ingredient,

but you can feel it

Rafa Cooking Mushrooms
Wood-fired Vegetable Paella

Firewood adds unique nuances to the flavour, aroma and colour of our products. There is a reason why it is called the invisible ingredient, although for us it is much more than a product.

Firewood is a way of experiencing gastronomy, based on authenticity and respect for the cuisine of our elders. An honest cuisine that works exclusively with quality, fresh and natural ingredients, mainly from the local area. 

Rafa hand firewood El Paeller
firewood starts to burn El paeller
El Paeller Boiling Broth
Rafa portrait firewood in arm El Paeller

Firewood is also a way of understanding life, committed to sustainability and love for our land. From the selection of our products and suppliers, to the packaging of our products, 100% recycled and recyclable.

It is a philosophy that has led us to build the largest wood-fired bakery in the world. A unique work of engineering in which vegetable combustion has been incorporated into the industrial process of the production of broths and natural preparations. With two large paellas built to measure, according to the instructions of Rafa Margós, where Mestre Paeller and his team work to obtain dishes with the unique smokiness that comes from cooking over wood.

Meet the world's largest wood-fired bakery

Truth and transparency are also synonymous with firewood, which is why our workshop has its doors open to anyone who wants to approach the great ritual of the elaboration with vegetable combustion. If you want to visit the largest wood-fired workshop ever built, contact us and get ready to be made of wood.

An experience that has as its protagonist the dream of Rafa Margós, the first-born of the family that runs the largest paellero in the world, who took the baton from his father to bring wood-fired preparations to every corner of the planet. A tireless exploration and application of vegetable combustion, which has led to El Paeller and its particular temple.

El Paeller Bakery