¿A qué huelen las Fallas?

What do the Fallas smell like?

Sep 02, 2021

The fire marks the beginning and end of an event for which too long has been waited. Among the essentials of these popular festivals, the elaboration of paella over firewood is never lacking. Although this year, like the rest of the failing acts, it will be transformed to keep up with the pandemic rhythm.

No one can deny that Valencia is passionate about fire and that, thanks to it, there are two particular aromas that make those who were born in the land of flowers vibrate. Gunpowder and firewood. Both concentrate an emotion of insurmountable cultural belonging. No matter when and where they appear, the comment will always be the same: “It smells like Fallas”.

Fallas are probably the time when more wood-fired paellas are made on the street. Valencia is tinged with wood smoke in popular paella contests, where the most classic version of paella, the Valencian, is cooked. A recipe that, without being exclusive to the great Valencian festival, is always and will be present. But what will happen this year with the paellas in Fallas?

Some Fallas without paellas are not Fallas.

This edition, for obvious reasons, social gatherings around the paellero fire are not allowed. But that does not mean that we cannot enjoy the unique flavor of wood-fired rice at home . Of course, with limited capacity, all vaccinated and respecting the ration of the adjoining neighbor. And we can even compete virtually, uploading our paellas to our social profiles and showing the Mestre Paeller that we carry inside. Boom!

This 2021 edition of the Fallas will be different, but luckily our paellas remain the same as always: cooked over firewood with 100% natural ingredients and in good company.