Our history

The dream of Rafa Margós

Rafael Margos

The "Mestre" of wood-fired paella

Rafa Margós is the ideologist chef of El Paeller. A unique person with a life dedicated to the wonderful world of paella since his family founded Las Bairetas 30 years ago, a leading restaurant in the preparation of wood-fired paellas and which houses the largest paellero in the world.

After more than 300,000 paellas behind him and advising chefs of the stature of José Andrés or Quique Dacosta for their mastery of fire, in 2020 the "mestre paeller" sets himself a great challenge: to bring his delicious paella to firewood by the world.


Our paella packs are designed to be 100% recyclable. In fact, we recommend giving it a second life and using it as a trivet to support the paella.

Broth made over firewood with 100% natural ingredients. No aromas, no preservatives... or any other ingredient that cannot be found in a Mediterranean pantry.

Our preparations include a can with the broth and the solid ingredients and a 270 gr bag. DO Valencia rice

In just 18 minutes you can make a paella with El Paeller. Gas, ceramic or induction hob, all you need is a 30/35 cm diameter frying pan (ideally paella) and one of our packs. In addition, we include the instructions inside the box.

Commitment to the land and
nature are an essential part of the tradition. That is why all El Paeller products are made over firewood and with local natural ingredients, with local suppliers, favoring a circular economy.

Each pack of El Paeller paella preparation contains what is necessary to prepare a paella for 2 or 3 people.


Our differential factor

Anyone who has ever tried an authentic paella will know that firewood can be considered one more ingredient, and that its correct use marks a before and after in the final result. This natural combustion provides the rice with unmistakable aromas, flavors and color, which clearly differentiate a paella made over wood from any other. Therefore, so that anyone can enjoy this experience, all our preparations are made with firewood.


Rafa Margós is a firm defender of seasonal and local cuisine. Its commitment to local products from our Mediterranean pantry is another of the differential aspects of El Paeller.

All our products are made with natural ingredients, without preservatives, additives or aromas that alter the flavor of our broths.