Marsh Rice

Marisma is a large and showy rice, grown in the Albufera de València Natural Park. Medium type, very pearly and highly hydrated, favors the conduction of flavors and a very creamy final grain texture.

It is ideal for sticky, brothy rice and risottos due to its high absorption capacity. Although it also works very well on dry rice. This variety requires less cooking time, between 15 and 17 minutes.

Arroz Tartana are the fifth generation of farmers in the Albufera de Valencia since the end of the 19th century. They grow “de tancat” rice with Denomination of Origin “Arroz de Valencia”, of differentiated quality and 0 chemical residue.

We only offer rice with Designation of Origin "Arroz de Valencia" which, in addition to certifying the quality and origin of the rice, only the best farmers and mills manage to pass their strict quality controls.

-Use of certified seeds (the only way to guarantee the intrinsic characteristics of each variety).

-Traceability: which makes it possible to know the exact field where each package of rice originated.

– Sanitary state of the field: to ensure the absence of defective grains of other species.

– Varietal purity: main quality attribute of differentiated rice.

– Correct elaboration: which guarantees a homogeneous cooking of the grain


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Energy 347 Kcal / 1453Kj

Protein 7.2g

Carbohydrates 77.8 g

-Of which sugars 0.0 g

Fat 0.68g

-Of which, saturated fatty acids, 0.17 g

Fiber 1.33g

Sodium 0.012g

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Jorge Fernández
Buen arroz

Muy amables respondiendo a las dudas, aconsejan el arroz apropiado para lo que necesites y muy buen producto


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