Vegan Firewood Broth

It is impossible to find a vegetable broth that tastes like our vegan broth (certified with the Vegan Food seal). Much of the merit goes to the half kilo of fresh vegetables that we use to make it. Although the key factor is firewood, nobody uses it to cook broths. Our vegan wood-fired broth is an exquisite stock that we prepare by sautéing the ingredients to the maximum to extract all their flavor. Next, we add water and keep cooking slowly so that the aroma of firewood permeates the broth for 90 minutes. Finally, we let it rest for 30 minutes with the last embers of firewood, thus achieving the unmistakable smoke of wood combustion. The vegan wood-fired broth is presented in a 1-liter can with a recycled plastic lid for proper conservation.

An ideal format so that 3/4 diners can enjoy the unique touch of firewood in rice dishes, paellas, fideuàs, rice dishes, stews, suquets... Our preparations do not incorporate preservatives, additives, aromas or any ingredient that is not found in the pantry mediterranean. In addition, the El Paeller broth is only pure broth, without concentrates, or any other industrial process other than the packaging that allows you to enjoy this wood-fired preparation for up to 24 months of preferential consumption.


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STORAGE: In a cool, dry place at room temperature, El Paeller broths have a best before date of 24 months. Once opened, it can be stored in the same container using the recycled plastic lids included in the cans, in a refrigerator (+4ºC) for a maximum of 3 days and in a freezer (-18ºC) for a maximum of 1 month.


Carrot 2.5%
Onion 2.5%
Leek 2.5%
smooth cabbage 2.5%
Turnip 2.5%
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
salmorreta extra virgin olive oil, natural tomato, dried garlic and sweet paprika
infused rosemary


Energetic value 11kj/47kcal
fats 1.0g -of which saturated 0.167g
carbohydrates < 1.0g -of which sugars <0.5g
proteins <0.7g
Salt 0.659g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rafael Balanza

Encantado por la rapidez y el producto

Isaac Nuñez Martinez
Caldo espectacular

Caldo idóneo para elaborar arroces secos de verdura.

Borja Meléndez Barrero
El mejor caldo para paella, sin duda.

Normalmente es difícil encontrar caldos de verduras para paella, ya que intentan venderte un caldo de sopa y la paella retiene sabores que no le pertenecen (chirivia o nabo, por ejemplo) y acaba sabiendo a sopa. Por fin uno que añade el sabo que tiene que tener :)


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