El AOVE de siempre.

The usual EVOO.

Jul 24, 2023
When we say that our recipes not only tell the story of Rafa Margós, we mean that behind each of the ingredients he uses in his recipes, there are families who love their land and their sea. We are referring to exactly what it is that unites us, what makes us consider them more than providers, partners and friends. Our oil is tradition, technology and sustainability. A story of a family: The Muntanyas.

Oil is a transversal ingredient in all paellas, a product that marks the beginning of the preparation (with the exception of firewood, of course). A product that embalms the paella, plays with the sauce and at the right time, makes an excellent socarrat shine. That is why the choice was clear from the beginning, it had to present a perfect balance on the palate and be supported by a commitment like ours, the commitment to things well done.

What oil to use for paella.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the only one that preserves all the nutritional properties of the olive. An oil without refined or artificial adjustments, which maintains a low acidity and an adjusted sensory value, ideal for the preparation of an authentic wood-fired paella . Rafa Margós, together with the expert eye of our supplier OCTOBRIS , chose a mature organic extra virgin olive oil , as it is the most balanced variety for all his elaborations.

A dry crop that occurs in the high mountains of Alto Vinalopó, allowing the olive to develop its nutritional properties naturally. The fruit of this oil is collected from the centuries-old olive groves of the Muntanya Family, at the end of November and beginning of December. A project that has pursued, for five generations, the dream of 'grandfather Miguel'.

The excellence of simplicity, OCTOBRIS.

The OCTOBRIS project began in 2014 when Luis, the eldest of the grandchildren, remembers how his grandfather Miguel told him about his wishes to recover the origins of oil production, where sustainability had to be combined with new irrigation and cultivation systems. He spoke with his father and his brother Ximo, and together they embarked on Miguel's dream. But OCTOBRIS not only tells the story of the Muntanya family, but of the entire town of La Canyada (Alicante) who, committed to attachment to the land, respect for nature and simplicity. An excellent simplicity that is discovered in each of the varieties that the family produces, thanks to its centenary olive trees.