El sabor y el saber de la paella (a leña).

The flavor and knowledge of paella (firewood).

Jul 29, 2021

We all know that expert in Paellas who tries to highlight the elaborations of others. He is always looking for fault, he never admits his mistakes and he doesn't bother to bring the cook a drink either. Everyone knows these kinds of people. And if you don't know him, it's you.

The season of summer love, salt water and gathering around a Paella begins. It is very probable that the music is not missing . and that a somewhat controversial conversation about Paella arises. If you are one of those who knows these wise paelleros, put their knowledge to the test with our test.

Each hit is worth one point.

1. The secret of a good paella is in the sauce.

FAKE. The stir-fry is key in the traditional Paella recipe. Without a good stir-fry, instead of a Paella, we would be cooking a stew. However, what makes the difference is the cooking of the rice.

2. To cook the rice well, the water must be from Valencia.

FAKE. Valencian water is hard, but this only favors slower evaporation. Any water is good for cooking a good paella . The broth of a Valencian Paella collects all the flavor of the ingredients of the stir-fry. So remember, Only water,, my friend!

3. The rice must not be stirred during the cooking of a Valencian paella.

TRUE. When you stir it, the rice will release starch and instead of a paella of dry and loose grain, you will be eating a risotto.

4. To enhance the flavor of the bush, we add rosemary throughout the cooking of the rice .

FAKE. The rosemary branches should be added at the end of cooking so that their intense flavor has the right role. Dried rosemary is never added, as its flavor would be too pronounced.

5. To get the socarrat we must not burn the rice starch.

TRUE. Socarrat is toasted, unburned rice. It is achieved by raising the heat to the maximum in the last minute. The socarrat process begins when, once the broth has evaporated, the oil from the sauce that has remained on the surface of the Paella begins to go down to the base.

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Check if in addition to talking, he knows how to cook.
  • From 0 to 2 hits. The fact that he is the one who has always been in charge of cooking Paellas, does not mean that he knows everything about traditional preparation. If you want to know how to calm the most demanding palates (and comments), here we propose the solution.
  • From 3 to 4 hits. He is on the brink of becoming a Mestre Paeller. You probably learned crafting from your ancestors. But sometimes even the best teachers can make mistakes. He's brave, but he probably needs to improve. Having the perfect utensils can help you reach the top.
  • Five hits. Undisputed Master Paeller. Such knowledge of theory can only be accompanied by great practice. Five hits as big as five minutes of rest. You just need to dress as you deserve.