We launch the mixed Paella

We launch the mixed Paella

Jul 24, 2023

We present our new preparation of Mixed Paella made over firewood from El Paeller.

We present the preparation of Mixed Paella made over firewood from El Paeller, possibly the most international recipe, although it is controversial among the most purists, curiously it has its origin in the Albufera area, an area of ​​rice fields on the outskirts of Valencia by the sea , although it is tasted and made in different parts of the Mediterranean coast.

In Wikipaella's book of 20 hidden paellas they tell their story like this:
“The mixed paella has always been around, or at least it was visible in bars and restaurants until the mid-90s. In fact, it was a symbol of excellence. We could find on any menu: Valencian paella, seafood paella, and the mixed paella with everything (chicken, clochinas, prawns and langoustines, but never with chorizo) and it was the most expensive. Now it is difficult to find it unless they are very specific tourist areas or in "lifetime" restaurants. What has happened? The powerful gastronomic discourse of the Valencian orchard has generated a standard that the metropolitan area of ​​the capital ends up consolidating in its demographic sphere of influence, but outside that territory it generates conflict. It is generally decided to separate paellas made with seafood from those cooked with terrestrial protein, avoiding mixing meat with fish, a circumstance that does not occur in other Mediterranean latitudes, where sea and mountain preparations are common.

In the Valencian Community there are towns in Alicante such as Moraira where the mixed paella is still the festive paella. It is also a recipe that lives on in the memory of so many boomers who remember the paellas of their mothers and grandmothers made with love and the best ingredients available, both with meat and seafood. It is governed by the principle, the more, the better.

The mixture of meat and fish generates surprising flavors and contrasts on the palate. At El Paeller we have selected the best ingredients, including red shrimp and free-range chicken, so that, together with the flavor that firewood gives, we achieve a round flavor that even the most purist paellero will like.