La excelencia del sabor marino de la Lonja de Dénia: Denipeix.

The excellence of the marine flavor of the Lonja de Dénia: Denipeix.

May 14, 2021
One of the factors that differentiate the quality of our Senyoret Rice is, without a doubt, its excellent local product . From El Paeller and with the hands of Rafa Margós, the commitment to take the best of our land as far as possible materializes thanks to our suppliers. Travel companions with whom we share the passion for things well done.

The quality of the ingredients as a differentiating factor.

The flavor and aroma of our Arroz del Senyoret allows a transfer to the Mediterranean that would not be possible if the product was not suitable. By choosing 100% natural and fresh ingredients , the experience of eating our wood-fired paellas allows you to feel the ritual in an unmistakable way.

Denia El Paeller Market

That is why we present in capital letters the origin of the product and our suppliers. We feel lucky to have Denipeix as allies, thanks to them Rafa Margós can transform the best product into the best version of seafood paella.

The marine flavor that our colleague Felipe de Denipeix offers us , has its origin in La Lonja de Dénia . Every day at five in the afternoon, he selects the ingredients that allow Rafa Margós to create the perfect flavor and aroma to feel the marine treasure of the Mediterranean on the palate. The connection between Rafa and Felipe is key to the best selection of local galleys, crabs, cuttlefish and prawns. Ingredients that allow us to offer a great flavor without additives, concentrates, or flavorings. Only pure product of our privileged coasts.

The importance of having trusted suppliers.

Transport yourself to the Mediterranean, no matter how far away you are, with El Paeller. A journey that begins when you open our Senyoret Rice can and feel its aroma. When pouring the broth, you can appreciate the supreme quality in its density, which places it far from any other.

A marine smell, which begins in the Lonja de Dénia with the expert gaze of Denipeix, develops in the world's largest paella pan with Rafa Margós, and materializes wherever you want.