Más que nunca, #SomosDeLeña

More than ever, #SomosDeLeña

Sep 16, 2021

After a year producing in Dénia, Rafa Margós has surpassed himself once again, opening the largest wood-burning workshop in the world. Two giant paellas, which are based on the traditional vegetable fuel where the Mestre Paeller, will prepare 3,000 daily rations with 600kg of firewood.

We have finally opened what is already the largest wood-burning workshop in the world . A unique work of engineering in which the combustion of firewood has been incorporated into the industrial process of the production of broths and natural preparations. With the two largest paellas ever built, Rafa Margós extracts in a unique way all the flavor of the ingredients, always natural and local.

The elaborations are exactly the same as always but now, the production is like never before. More than 3,000 daily portions over firewood to give them the authentic and traditional flavor of Valencian gastronomy. An invisible but decisive ingredient that has a special place in the workshop. This woodcutter is fed day by day by Mauricio who, together with Rafa Margós, cut down, collect and store the firewood. The seasonality and availability of the surrounding area determines the type of firewood used, combining orange and pine firewood.

The firewood experience. 

The workshop is getting ready to receive visits from those who love and are curious about making paellas and other wood-fired recipes, as well as doing tastings and workshops with Mestre Paeller Rafa Margós.

An experience whose protagonist is the dream of Rafa, our Mestre Paeller who has once again demonstrated his insatiable exploration, research, and application of primitive combustion. A family legacy that understands wood-fired elaboration as a responsibility and what it means for Rafa, a way of understanding life, always at the center. Now also, with its particular temple.