Auténtica Paella Valenciana

Authentic Valencian Paella

Mar 14, 2024


Exquisite Valencian Paella is a dish full of flavor and tradition, which captures the essence of Mediterranean gastronomy. Perfect for family gatherings or special celebrations, this paella is characterized by the unique combination of rabbit, chicken and fresh vegetables, cooked with rice in a tomato base and spices such as saffron and paprika. Learn how to prepare it following these simple steps and surprise your guests with a gastronomic trip directly to Valencia.


Ingredient Amount
Oil Necessary
Rabbit 200 grams
Chicken 200 grams
Vegetables (green beans, garrofon) 300 grams
grated tomato 100 grams
Peppers 1 tsp
Water 750ml
Saffron some strands
Rosemary 1 branch
Salt To taste
Rice 400 grams


Immersing yourself in the preparation of an authentic Exquisite Valencian Paella is an act of culinary love. Here I guide you step by step so that success is your only result:

  • Start by heating oil in the paella pan over medium-high heat; It is important that you cover the bottom generously to prevent your ingredients from sticking.
  • Brown the chicken and rabbit carefully until they are an even golden brown. This step is key to sealing the flavors, make sure it doesn't stay raw, it has to be fried very well.
  • Next, the green beans, the garrofon and sauté them together with the chicken and rabbit.
  • Add the paprika in the center along with the oil and add the grated tomato, giving it a few quick turns so that it mixes with the sauce without burning.
  • Add the water, saffron threads and salt to taste. Raise the temperature to bring it to a boil, a key moment for the flavors to integrate.
  • It's the rice's turn: distribute it evenly throughout the paella pan. Start cooking over high heat for a few minutes and then reduce to medium, keeping calm while the rice absorbs all the flavors.
  • Cook until the rice is cooked for approx. 17 or 18 minutes, resisting the temptation to stir, to obtain that characteristic and delicious socarrat at the bottom of the paella pan.
  • Just before finishing add a sprig of rosemary. Once ready, remove from the heat and let it rest for a few minutes before serving hot, directly from the paella pan to the soul.


Throughout my experience cooking and enjoying paellas, I have compiled some tips that can be very useful:

  • The secret of a good paella is in the sauce. Take the time necessary to cook the vegetables and tomatoes until they release all their flavor.
  • Saffron is essential to give paella its characteristic color and flavor, but it can be substituted with food coloring if you find it difficult to find.
  • For vegetarians, a delicious variant is to use mushrooms and artichokes instead of chicken and rabbit, keeping the rest of the ingredients and steps the same.
  • And here's a chef's secret: just before serving, squeeze a little lemon over the paella to give it a fresh and elevated touch that will surprise.