Producto de temporada: Paella de Pato y Setas.

Seasonal product: Duck and Mushroom Paella.

Jul 24, 2023

Using seasonal produce results in an unmistakable flavor and aroma. A clear example of sustainability and commitment to local products is our Duck and Mushroom Paella.

One of the things that Rafa Margós was clear from the moment he began his research with firewood was to use a 100% natural product in each preparation, therefore, seasonal. For this reason, it is not always dedicated to making all varieties, but must surrender to seasonality.

After the rains, the first mushrooms of the season begin to sprout and although Rafa Margós uses this product in his vegan paella, he does not forget our most intense and balanced variety: Duck and Mushroom Paella.

Mushrooms are a very versatile product, and at the same time delicate. It is essential to choose the varieties carefully so that the intensity of the flavor respects the rest of the ingredients and makes it a balanced result.

To achieve this, Rafa Margós uses different varieties depending on the season of each one of them. Mushrooms, oyster mushroom, trumpets of death, boletus edulis, shitake, chanterelle and senderuela. In this way, it manages to provide nuances such as the firmness and sweetness of the chanterelle which, together with the traditional wood-fired cooking, results in a paella with a flavor that hooks.

The mushroom season.

Although these mushrooms with enormous nutritional properties can be found throughout the year, their optimum season is after the first rains at the end of August or September. Each variety requires a certain time for it to sprout, but in mid-September, it is very common to find different varieties such as boletus edulis.

Thus, with two good storms, the environment will be favorable for them to begin to sprout. It is then when the firewood is lit and the ritual of the Duck and Mushroom Paella begins.

How to clean and preserve mushrooms.

In general, no mushroom should be placed directly under the faucet. The reason is very simple. Being made up of spores, they have the ability to absorb a lot of water, so if we clean it with excess hydration, they can take on too much moisture, lose flavor and texture. The best thing to do is to clean them with a damp brush or cloth and use a brush to remove the dirt. In case they are not going to be used, they can be kept with the earth for a long time.

How to prepare a Duck and Mushroom Paella.

This traditional wood-fired preparation, which Rafa Margós interrupts at the right moment, can be finished at home with dry or sweet rice. You just have to follow the simple steps that you will find in our pack. And if you don't know which type of cooking to choose, we also have the perfect solution here .