El ritual de la paella estés donde estés, un sueño que comienza en 1995

The paella ritual wherever you are, a dream that began in 1995

Jun 10, 2020

That paella can travel to the ends of the planet and that anyone is capable of putting that piece of partying, hedonism and celebration of life in their mouths, is a dream born in 1995 with Rafael Margós. An entrepreneur who left agriculture to serve wood-fired paellas that he learned to cook with his grandmother and that now his son Rafa prepares for you.

The paella in its original version, within the reach of any citizen of the world. A difficult wish to fulfill, longed for by many Paellero Masters, but not impossible. Achieving this requires an extraordinary technique to package the paella while maintaining the balance between flavor, texture and aroma. It demands the creativity necessary to keep intact the nuances of artisan production in an industrial format, capable of being replicated in series in a controlled and safe way. And enough courage to do it cooking with the live fire of the wood. Something within the reach of very few.

The Margós are one of them. The family that turned Las Bairetas into the temple par excellence of wood-fired paellas could come close to that fragile balance. His father was the pioneer who began to play with the industrialization of crafts, registering in the last five years of the 20th century the first attempt to preserve paella over firewood.

 Later many attempts would come, but without success. The result was not up to what Margós expected and demanded the paella. At the end of the day, more fruitful attempts than I thought, since they are part of the origin of El Paeller.

Since those years, many proposals have been launched under the fury of the fifth range and the international paella boom. In most cases they are artificial products that deviate from the flavor of the paella. Except for some interesting project, but unable to incorporate the necessary industrialization so that the wood-fired paella flies to every corner of the planet.

Rafa, the eldest son of the Margós, has to arrive to take over from his father and 25 years later come up with the best possible version. A natural wood-fired preparation with flavors that recall the magic of Valencian paelleros. To achieve this, he has needed years of R&D with a lot of trial and error and of course, his unique trajectory with more than 300,000 paellas cooked over wood has been key.

At El Paeller, by packaging the broth and traditional ingredients cooked over firewood with that perfect balance, we also managed to package the liturgy that accompanies paella in the houses of the Valencian Community. A celebration with family and friends that begins at the precise moment we start cooking it. A ritual that is the very essence of paella and that can now be lived in any house in the world.