TATEL Madrid y El Paeller en la Semana del Arroz

TATEL Madrid and El Paeller in Rice Week

Sep 25, 2023
In Spanish culture, rice represents much more than a dish, it is
of a tradition, a moment of meeting between families and friends to
celebrate and share in the best company. On the occasion of the International Day
of Paella (September 20), TATEL Madrid joined forces with a master
of this recipe as is Rafa Margós, master peller and founder of El Paeller ,
to launch a week dedicated to the most recognized dish in the world
native gastronomy, offering an off-the-menu menu with an exquisite
selection of rice dishes conceptualized by the executive chef of Tatel Juan
Antonio Medina .

From September 20 to 24 TATEL Madrid, the gastronomic space of
reference of the Paseo de la Castellana, launched together with El Paeller the
Rice Week. An initiative that coincides with the celebration of the Day
Paella World Cup held on September 20, and which aims to
honor this emblematic dish of Spanish gastronomy with several
off-menu rice proposals , prepared for the occasion by the chef
restaurant executive, Juan Antonio Medina. To achieve the success of this
synergy, it was essential to have top quality raw materials,
That is why all the Rice Week recipes were prepared with
product of El Paeller , and with the help of the “master of wood-fired paella”, Rafa

Rice with seasonal mushrooms and artichoke flowers; rice with iberian secret
grilled; creamy lobster rice and rice with octopus, these were
some of the options that were offered to diners.

A set of recipes prepared for the occasion that produce a
symphony of flavors that mixes the most emblematic notes of the
Spanish gastronomy with a sophisticated and innovative touch that made the
delights of diners.

Source: afuegolento.com