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Advantages of our
broths and preparations


Reduces order management and other administrative tasks (purchases, delivery notes, invoices,...). Optimize processes and times, increase your space in the kitchen and warehouse.


Always obtain the best result without the need for expert preparation personnel. All the work is already done, you only have to worry about giving the personal touch to your dishes.

Cooked over wood

In addition to providing unique flavor and aromas, our products are made with firewood, a clean energy in its generation, transportation, combustion and waste, contributing to reducing the carbon footprint.

100% natural ingredients

We do not add colorings, flavorings, or flavor enhancers. We only use 100% natural and local ingredients.

This is how we make our products

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Control the flame

Automatic Paellero

NTGAS Professional

The eHQ04 is the perfect professional automatic paellero to use with El Paeller products. With the innovative IDG (Ionic Digital Gas) system, this paellero has been designed to control the flame digitally from its app and boost productivity and savings in your hospitality business.

Discover with Rafa Margós

the NTGAS automatic paellero

Through this video tutorial you will understand how the most innovative automatic paellero on the market works.