Compañeros de muy cerca para viajar bien lejos

Very close companions to travel far away

Jun 18, 2020

Natural and local ingredients. A mantra that we have repeated to ourselves since the beginning of the project, in our effort to take the best of our land as far as possible. It would be impossible to achieve this without our suppliers, who provide us with the best version of the product that we have at our disposal. Ideal travel companions to take the paella ritual to any corner of the planet. Unbeatable allies to offer a total, quality experience with guarantees. Also, many of them are also good friends.

We feel lucky and proud to work with such trusted suppliers. For this reason, unlike others that in the best of cases indicate the origin of their ingredients with small print, we want to take advantage of this article to present them in capital letters. 

We start with the transversal ingredients to all paellas, those that are sometimes misnamed "generic":

OCTOBRIS BIO Ripe Extra Virgin Olive OIL from the Muntanya Family, made in La Canyada, Alto Vinalopó, presents a perfect balance due to the intensity and aromas provided by the native Rojal variety from Alicante.

J. SENDRA LA PERLA RICE by César Alepuz, grown in the Albufera Natural Park in Valencia with the DO Arroz de Valencia seal. It is an emblematic round rice that guarantees the creamy texture of the grain after cooking and the complete absorption of flavors.

NATURAL SEA SALT from Santa Pola. Direct salt from the hundred-year-old salt pans of this coastal town, specialist in gourmet natural salts.

NOVELDA SAFFRON . The natural coloring of paellas par excellence that also provides an exceptional aroma and flavor. Paellas should not be understood without this spice.

NOVELDA PAPRIKA . This paprika, from the Vega Baja del Segura region, has the ideal smoky aroma to finish off the tomato sauce without contaminating the flavor.

We now turn to the 'noble' ingredients, those that indisputably impact the flavors, guided by the privileged location of our paellero workshop in Dénia:

Galeras, crabs, cuttlefish and prawns, with all the marine flavor that the Lonja de Dénia offers us, by the hand of DENIPEIX.

On the meat side, chicken and rabbit from CARNES PARE PERE from Ondara.

VEGETABLES ALABAU is our partner when it comes to selecting the best first class Perona beans and carob beans for Valencian paella, and for vegetables, advising us on finding the best specimens of each season.

Here we wanted to present you the list of travel companions, but we will go through them all with calm, detail and depth, which is deserved by those with whom we share the passion for things well done.