El Paeller en el Día de la Gastronomía Sostenible.

The Paeller on the Day of Sustainable Gastronomy.

Jun 17, 2021

The importance of celebrating our ingredients lies in the result of each of our preparations. And today, like every day, we value the origin of our ingredients on the occasion of Sustainable Gastronomy Day.

In our defense of traditional paella recipes and the dream of Rafa Margós to take it as far as possible, there is a commitment: the responsibility to promote local production through our local ingredients. Our suppliers have extensive experience and the unique quality of our Mediterranean land and sea. Ingredients full of family stories that also tell the enormous cultural and natural tradition of our gastronomy.

Showing and defending our local producers is part of the philosophy of El Paeller, because we do not understand our Paellas without their gaze, recommendation and experience.

Vegetable combustion and sustainable production.

Our elaborations are sustainable from the felling of firewood . An essential ingredient that provides the intensity and excellence of the original Paella. Today, due to its complexity, this fuel is reduced to the purest gastronomic tradition of our land. A territory that offers vegetable fuel of enormous quality . From citrus fruits to other crops such as pine, the choice of this ingredient is important for the preparation of Paella as its flame differs in power and control.

Rafa Margós cuts down the firewood with which he cooks the preparations of El Paelle. Let the pruning dry in the sun and cut it into not very long pieces, classifying them by thickness to get the exact power so that all your Paellas have an identical result.

Locally produced and seasonal ingredients.

Sustainability and local production result in excellent quality that we achieve thanks to our suppliers, fellow travelers and the fundamental pillars of our wood-fired recipes made with km ingredients. 0, 100% natural, without additives, or aromas, or concentrates.


Our Octobris Bio Maduro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made in the Alto Vinalopó region . The saffron and paprika from our land come from Novelda and directly from the centenary salt flats of Santa Pola , the Natural Sea Salt that we use in El Paeller arises.

The J. Sendra rice present in our Valencian, Vegan and Senyoret Paella, with Designation of Origin Valencia, is cultivated in the Albufera Natural Park by the fourth generation of the Alepuz family . They have been responsible for keeping this traditional variety of rice alive.

In the Duck and Mushroom Paella we have the Dynamite variety from Molino Roca , a rice family since 1903 that offers us a grain with a special polish.

All our meat ingredients come from Ondara, while our Senyoret Rice receives the marine flavor of the Lonja de Dénia. And we work with fresh vegetables and with the unique flavor of the season, thanks to the vegetables from the Alabau family.

Having these colleagues allows us to prepare paellas with which we protect biodiversity, quality and traditional culture . Sustainability and respect for the seasonal product is represented in each of our labels.

100% recycled and recyclable material.

To certify our commitment to local production and sustainability , it is not only necessary to take into account the origin of the ingredients and the preparation, but rather its packaging.

Our preparations are transported in cardboard and kept in an aluminum can, 100% recycled and recyclable materials. The importance of this container lies in the fact that it can be reused and does not contain any plastic, compared to other containers on the market such as tetrabricks and their variants. At El Paeller we want to continue betting on sustainability, which is why we are working on developing packs of two and three cans.

Betting on sustainability is promoting local production, preparing traditional recipes, using vegetable fuel, and avoiding the greatest amount of waste. It is, after all, a commitment to nature, history and Paella.