El reconocimiento internacional de la paella en #WorldPaellaDay.

The international recognition of paella in #WorldPaellaDay.

Sep 20, 2021

At El Paeller we are aware of how paella has become one of the four most important dishes on the planet thanks to it. And Rafa Margós knows how to get the original wood-burning version to anywhere on the planet.

Today is the International Paella Day #WorldPaellaDay and we find no excuses for the preparation of paella not being the original anywhere in the world. There are no reasons not to use proximity products, as has always been done. There is no justification for not making it with firewood.

The commitment that unites us with those who promote this day is to be able to project Valencia abroad, reaffirm the original recipe and make it reach any corner.

How to cook a traditional paella.

At El Paeller we mark a series of characteristics that differentiate an original paella from other recipes cooked in paella.

  1. The combustion. Although it may seem insistent, the first step to making an authentic paella is that the combustion be traditional, over wood. Only in this way, the flavor and aroma will be special. Those who tried it know it.
  1. The paella. The pan that gives the dish its name must be proportional to the number of diners. It can't be too thick, but it can't be too thin either. The quantities are marked by the diameter of the container.
  1. Rice. Like paella, always round. Of the more than 80,000 varieties of rice from all over the world, in the Albufera Natural Park we find five that are appropriate for the preparation of a recipe that was born here.
  1. The ingredients. In the same way that the Albufera rice is the most appropriate, the product of our land is the most appropriate to add to the paella. Regardless of the variety (senyoret, vegetables, Valencian, etc.) the best product is local and natural. With a quality product, any attempt to add chemical enhancers is left behind.
  1. The proportions. The amounts of water per rice is a crucial issue so that the grain remains loose, dry and whole. But we must not forget that it is the rice that has to prevail in 80% visually. As we have just insisted on the previous point, a good product in the right proportion offers all the flavor, aroma and sufficient color for the preparation of the original recipe. You have to forget about those paellas in which it is difficult to find rice.
  1. The times. Calculating the minutes to have the perfect result, is accompanied by the control of the fire. The intensity of this, marks the duration of cooking, the frying. And the long-awaited s ocarrat . Keeping in mind how many minutes are given to each step is crucial.
  1. The rested. Five essential minutes. Without excuses. It is not worth trying it, sometimes it is better not to look. Everything to get the perfect paella.


Rafa Margós in the jury of the World Paella Day Cup

Every year, World Paella Day organizes an international tournament to find the best paella, the World Paella Day Cup. A championship to celebrate the internationality of the dish through its diversity, where different representatives from countries such as China, Japan, India The United Arab Emirates, France, Sweden, Russia and the United States, and of course Spain, compete in the most popular wood-fired preparation on our land.

To choose the quality of each of the elaborations there is a professional jury, among which Rafa Margós cannot be missing. A firewood explorer, who together with the rest of the chefs, will choose the winning paella of this #WorldPaellaCup2021 .

But if you are looking for where to eat the best paella in the world, we insist that the best place is at home with your loved ones (link to store)